Invitation to Dormitory of Tohoku University YMCA

For international students

Tohoku University YMCA dormitory (Keisui-Ryo) is for students who are interested in Christianity. In 1936, our dormitory has been established by donations from Christian Professors of Tohoku University. Since the time, many students mainly belonging to Tohoku University have lived together and deepened their friendship and faith. Our dormitory is independent of Tohoku University and basically managed by the living students themselves under suggestions by the board of directors.

The capacity of our house is 13 rooms for 13 students, both male and female. Each room is equipped with an air conditioner, a built-in closet & bookshelf, a desk and a bed. The students can use a bathroom, washing machines, microwave ovens refrigerators, etc. in a shared space.
A housemother lives together in our dormitory and cooks breakfast and dinner on week days. Her dishes are healthy and rich in varieties.
The rent is about 46,400 JPY per month (in 2018), in which utility bills, an internet access fee and meals cooked by housemother are all included in the rent.

Conditions for application

International graduate and undergraduate students, who are interested in Christianity, belonging to any Universities located in Sendai city can apply for entering dormitory. The students, however, may be required communication with Japanese language in their daily life.

If you are interested in our dormitory, please e-mail to the following address:
We are waiting for you to join us!